The Vegan Diet – An Ultimate Solution for Effective Weight Loss?

Vegan diet for effective weight loss

We have heard it so many times that vegetables are healthy and essential for our body. Many people believe that eliminating meat or meat products and going vegan helps in effective weight loss. Well, research also supports them.

Vegans mostly have lower body mass indexes (BMIs) than the general non-vegan people, and several types of research show that a vegan diet can aid weight loss.

Vegetarians not only tend to lose their body weight more quickly and efficiently but they also can get rid of muscle fat that ultimately boosts their metabolism.

Due to the low-calorie, nutrient-rich composition of vegan foods, your fiber and nutrient intake will enhance that leads to healthy eating habits to wipe out excess body fat.

What can you eat?

Vegetarians normally avoid meat, poultry,and fish,but being vegan is one step ahead. It includes eliminating all animal-based products – eggs and dairy also. A vegan diet also means excluding lard, margarine made with whey and things with gelatin of animal bones and hooves too.

You will have to rely on fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, whole grains, nuts, seeds,and legumes etc. The quantity of food you consume depends on you but for starters experts suggest:

  • 6 servings of grains – mostly from bread and calcium-fortified cereals
  • 5 servings of legumes, nuts and other types of proteins – such as chickpeas,peanut butter, tofu, soy milk, and potatoes.
  • 4 daily servings of vegetables
  • 2 servings of fruits
  • 2 servings of healthy fats – such as avocado, coconut, and sesame oil.

According to an American Dietetic Association guide, Vegans can eat baked desserts like cupcakes and cobbler. But it should be made without butter, eggs or albumin.

Why does Vegan-Diet Work?

  1. The abundance of Fiber

The primary reason is Fiber. A vegan diet is rich in fibers which dive into your intestines and throw the trash out. Supplying your body with fibers regularly means your pipes are cleaning out constantly and leads to unrestricted blood flow.

Along with it, fiber-rich food provides a sense of fullness and reduces hunger. Also, high fiber consumption may help you acquire calorie deficit which is needed for weight loss without cutting down your portion size and calorie intake.

  1. Low-in Calories

A vegan diet provides fewer calories for the same quantity of food as it mostly consists of fruits and vegetables. You can say a vegan diet is a low-calorie diet.

The low-in-calorie attribute of plant-based foods makes you feel full with lesser calories. Thus it helps you to achieve the calorie deficit which is the fundamental requirement of weight loss.

  1. Forbade the intake of certain unhealthy foods

When you cut down your food options, it will become easy to choose healthy and low-calorie food. Many of the animal products you consume or see each day are high in calories, low in nutrients like processed food or baked stuff which are alluring enough to overeat.

By limiting your food choices you will less likely to overeat which is the prime cause of obesity

  1. Promote Home-Cooking

Being a vegan restricts your food choices when eating out. As a result, mostly vegans opt to cook at home rather than go to diners.

Home-cooked meals will be according to your taste and preference and contain less fat, sugar, sodium, and calories as compared to restaurant meals. This will help you cut down calories and lose weight.

Man cooking at home

Tips to lose weight quickly with Vegan Diet

Getting started with full vegan diet especially for the first time can be daunting. The reason is not only our cravings for cheesy juicy burger or steak. Animal-based products are our elementary source of protein and various important nutrients like vitamin D for which we strive. And when we ditch them, it could be difficult (though, not impossible) to get them from plant-based foods.

Keep these tips in mind while you’re on a vegan diet for effective weight loss:

  1. Eat plenty of vegetables, at least try to fill half of your plate with them at every meal.
  2. Include enough protein-rich foods like tofu, seitan, tempeh, beans, peas and lentils in every meal.
  3. Limit intake of fat-rich-plant-based foods. It may resist weight loss.
  4. Reduce or avoid intake of processed vegan foods like mock cheeses, mock meats, and vegan desserts.
  5. Record your daily food and nutrient intake. Be sure to get enough nutrients for proper body functioning.

A vegan diet can be very fruitful for weight loss. And it works more efficiently if it contains adequate nutrients and limited high-fat or processed foods.

Along with helping in effective weight loss, a vegan diet also enhances your health. But before you jump onboard, you should consider tracking your daily nutrient intake and blood nutrient levels.

It is also trendy to go vegan one or two days a week. It is a nice way to increase variety in your routine.

The Vegan Diet - An Ultimate Solution for Effective Weight Loss?