5 Signs Your Emotional Healing Needs Your Attention

Emotional healing is essential

Emotional healing from traumas or any difficult situation you have gone through in your life can feel really overwhelming. But it is important that you make it a priority in your life. This is where you will find your path to improved emotional wellness. Otherwise, all that emotional trauma will weigh heavily on you no matter what you do.

You Are Constantly Anxious or On Edge

One of the biggest signs that you need emotional healing is if you find yourself with a lot of anxiety and fear. You are generally on edge a lot of the time. Whenever you feel like your emotions are running high or like you can’t quite contain your anxiety, it is a good enough reason to consider what has been causing it.

It might be that emotional healing is what you need. It could be from traumas in your life that you never dealt with, or just healing your emotional wellness in general.

Your Negative Emotions Overpower Your Positive Emotions

It is completely normal to have negative emotions, as we are not positive emotion robots. But what you really want is a balance between them. So, if the majority of your emotions are negative or pessimistic and it’s rare you feel good or positive about anything, you definitely want to consider some emotional healing.

You should not be living in a state of constant negativity and bad thoughts about yourself or your life. Whether it is about how you talk to yourself, your thoughts about your life or the future, or how you feel about other people, this is not normal and requires some healing.

You Have a Tendency to Overreact

Again, overreacting is a normal human reaction. But for some people, it is a sign of needing emotional healing, often closely linked to anxiety and stress. Overreacting can be any form of being extreme with how you react to a person or situation. It often goes far beyond just dealing with a stressful event.

For example, you run late to work. Instead of just calling your boss to explain the delay or trying to get there as soon as you can, you get into an immediate and all-consuming panic spiral. That is not a normal reaction. Doing this on a regular basis to just about anything that happens is an even bigger sign of needing emotional healing.

One Bad Thing Can Ruin Your Entire Day

Being able to process your emotions and handle stress is definitely a work in progress. It takes a lot of practice and patience to become this emotionally mature. However, if you are at a place where every small obstacle can completely ruin your entire day or longer, that is something to think about.

A stressed out girl

This could be something as small as your alarm not going off in the morning, to something more stressful like your car not starting and needing a jump. There are many events big and small that can put a damper on your mood. But when every single tiny bad thing that ever goes wrong causes you to basically just give up and assume your day is ruined, is a big sign of needing to work more on your emotional health.

You Get Poor Quality Sleep Most Nights

Sleep is important for your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. If you aren’t getting good sleep, and can’t find any logical reason why, then it’s time to think about your current emotional state. Lack of sleep can be from many different things, not just physical ailments, but emotional needs as well.

It might be from having more stress than usual, your anxiety peaking at night when you’re trying to rest, or not giving yourself enough time to actually get tired before you need to go to sleep. If you go to bed with your phone, you may get triggered by what you see on social media. This can lead to poor sleeping habits.

Emotional healing should be a priority in your life and taken seriously. Now is the time to start working on your emotional wellbeing.

5 Signs Your Emotional Healing Needs Your Attention