3 Signs Your Loved Ones are Struggling with Depression

Signs of depression
3 Signs Your Loved Ones are Struggling with Depression

When someone is struggling with depression, they often look “normal” on the outside. But they are dealing with a million different conflicting thoughts in their own mind. Depression is lonely, it is painful, and it is often devastating to people who suffer from it.

The best thing you can do is be there to support your loved ones. But first you might need to know when they are in most need of help. Here are some signs of depression to look out for.

Detachment and Isolation

If your friend or loved one begins canceling plans, not showing up to events, and ignoring phone calls or text messages, you might want to check in on them. Isolation and feeling detached from others is a very common sign of depression.

This is often one of the first things people do when going through a depressive episode. They call into work more often and just don’t feel like they can be social at all. It is often accompanied by no longer being interested in the same things, and almost disappearing completely.

Aches and Pains

Many times, depression manifests itself in physical ways. This is another way to notice it in your friends or family members. Have you noticed that they seem to have an increase in aches and pains?

While this could be a legitimate pain, where it just comes from a physical condition or injury, there are some things to note when it might be mental. Constant and chronic pain that is never relieved by medication, friends who seem to constantly have a new thing that is hurting, or when they seem blue and low while also complaining of aches and pains could be some signs of depression to look out for.

Woman suffering from aches in the neck

They Are Becoming Angry or Irritable

This is something else to look out for in your friends or loved ones. People with depression often go through mood and behavioral changes as a result of their mental illness.

Do not take this personally, as it might actually be a silent cry for help. If suddenly your friend with depression is becoming irritable, easily agitated, or downright angry all the time, it might be time to nurture their feelings.

This can be difficult when their anger is hard to be around. But try to remember they are struggling with this more than you are. And people who push others away often need the most love and support.

3 Signs Your Loved Ones are Struggling with Depression