10 Common Mistakes When Trying to Lose Weight

Trying to lose weight

1. Focusing only on the scale

This is one of the worst mistakes you can make when you’re trying to lose weight.

You must understand that some factors can influence your weight. These factors include the amount of food remaining in your system and fluid fluctuations. You can’t measure weight change by the number on the scale alone.

The point of all of these is to tell you that it’s possible for the scale reading not to change much even when you’re losing body fat because scale weight can be affected by several factors. So, your focus shouldn’t be on the scale alone.

2. Exercising too much or not exercising

When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s imperative you exercise.

You can experience a decrease in metabolic rate and lose more muscle mass if you only restrict calories and don’t exercise. However, exercise will help you lose weight easily and help you maintain a healthy weight.

On the other side, over-exercising also has its consequences. According to studies, it can impact your endocrine hormones negatively, it can lead to stress, and it isn’t healthy.

3. Not lifting weights

Weight loss can be significantly promoted by resistance training.

Weightlifting can help increase belly fat loss, improve strength and physical function, increase metabolic rate, and it’s very effective for gaining muscle. Weightlifting and aerobic exercise, when combined, work effectively in reducing fat in obese people.

4. Not eating enough protein

Protein helps you on your weight loss journey, and you must eat enough of it when you’re trying to lose weight.

According to studies, protein can protect muscle mass during weight loss, maintain or increase metabolic rate, lower the amount of weight regained, increase feelings of fullness, and reduce appetite.

Some great and affordable options include flaxseeds, quinoa, legumes, and beans – just to let you know that meat and dairy aren’t your only protein options. Ensure that your meals are very rich in protein whenever you’re trying to lose weight.

5. Not eating enough fiber

Your overall health can be affected, and your weight loss efforts can be hurt when your diets are deficient in fiber. Fiber helps promote weight loss, aids better digestion, and reduces the risk of some chronic conditions.

6. Eating too often, even when not hungry

Maybe you have an excellent cook that dishes amazing meals with an irresistible smell. Mama is there with you to spice things up for you, or babe keeps working some compelling stuff for you in the kitchen.

Resist the temptation of overeating or eating too often. To lose weight, the ideal approach is that you eat only when you’re hungry.

7. Drinking sugary beverages

Maybe you just had a long day, and you need something chill to cool your mind, or you just exercised, and you feel the need to take a soft drink. Remember that you’ll be drawing yourself backward if you give in.

More so, don’t turn to drinking fruit juice instead. Many think it’s a better option to sweetened beverages. But there are lots of fruit juices today that contain loads of sugar.

Cans of soda

8. Having unrealistic expectations

Your weight loss efforts can be made to seem fruitless and time-wasting if you have unrealistic expectations.

On this weight loss journey, you need to motivate yourself by setting realistic goals. Choose something practical if you have a weight loss goal, and this could help you lose weight at a healthy speed.

9. Not reading labels

This is a very easy mistake to make. And it could make you end up consuming unhealthy ingredients and unwanted calories.

Make sure you pay attention to label information. Don’t misread them, and don’t overlook them.

10. Not tracking what you eat

Tracking helps to provide proper accountability and keeps you informed on your nutrient consumption and calories intake. When you track what you eat, you’ll get to know if you’re taking the right amount of fiber and protein you need.

These days, things are easier. There are several online tracking sites and apps available that you can use to keep a tab on your weight loss journey.

10 Common Mistakes When Trying to Lose Weight