How To Tell If You Have A Weak Immune System

Do you have a weak immune system

One of the most important systems in your body is your immune system. This system protects your body from illnesses caused by foreign bodies that can entered it in various ways, such as bacteria and viruses. Your immune system helps you to fend off these intruders.

It fights these illnesses in many ways, from using white blood cells to raising your body’s temperature in a fever, in order to kill off a virus. This is all great when you have a strong immune system. But if you have a weak one, it can lead to many problems for you.

Having a weak immune system is certainly something to worry about. So you need to know the signs to look out for. You need to know if you might have a weaker than average immune system.

There are different symptoms to look out for. Also, there may be different diseases that you might already have that will substantially lower your immune system. These diseases that lower your immune system are well known. And if you have any of these, you’ll know you have a reduced immunity.

Existing diseases

For example, HIV and AIDS are both auto-immune diseases. They damage and lower your immune system without some kind of treatment. Certain cancers will also lower your immunity. And you can be born with immunity deficiency disorders. This is something that you may have had to deal with your whole life.

Frequently repeated infections

One symptom that you have a weak immune system is that you’ll repeatedly and frequently get the same infections. For many people, infections are rare and typically only happen a few times throughout their lives.

However, if you frequently contract things like pneumonia or strep throat, then you’re probably at a higher risk of a weakened immune system. Another very common symptom is frequent digestive problems.

Woman having a fever

Bad digestive system

Things like frequent stomach aches, lack of appetite, or even diarrhea could mean that your immune system is weak. This is because a significant portion of your immune system is based around your digestive system. So if your digestive system is giving you a lot of problems, it could be that your immune system isn’t doing its job right.

Low Energy levels

For some people, low energy is a sign of a poor immune system. This is because your body is expending a lot of energy in keeping your immune system up to par. And much more than other people typically would have to. If you’re getting enough sleep and still feeling tired all day, this might be the issue.

How To Tell If You Have A Weak Immune System