Migraine Causes Every Sufferer Should Know

Suffering from migraine

When it comes to headache pain, migraine sufferers need to be particularly aware of migraine causes. This is because you can greatly reduce your migraine headaches by working to prevent them. Avoiding triggers is the best prevention. But in order to avoid triggers, you need to know what causes your headaches.

It’s important to realize that individuals may have varying triggers – there’s no one solution for every sufferer. But by knowing the most common triggers you can recognize when they’re occurring in your own life. You may want to keep a headache diary to help pinpoint what is triggering your migraines.

Weather can cause migraine

One of the most common triggers for migraine headaches, believe it or not, is the weather. When there’s a change in barometric pressure, a migraine headache can be triggered. While it may be hard to avoid this trigger altogether, you can be aware that you need to be watchful when there are changes in the weather.

Migraine due to environmental factors

Spending time in bright sunlight or fluorescent lights can also trigger headache pain. You may want to make sure and wear sunglasses on bright, sunny days. It’s also a good idea to have a source of incandescent or natural light in your office or other workplace if possible. Migraine causes also include chemical fumes, so you may need to avoid fumes to prevent migraines.

Hormones can cause it too

Hormones can also trigger migraines, particularly in women. Some women reported having more migraines during menstruation. They can also have them when changes in hormones take place around childbirth or menopause. For some women the use of birth control pills can increase or decrease migraine headaches.

Hormones can trigger migraine

Your diet can trigger migraine

Migraine causes can also include diet. In fact, there are several foods that have been identified that may trigger migraine. You may want to avoid processed meats, cheese, red wine, beer, and broad beans as these have all been identified as triggers. In addition, food additives such as MSG and aspartame may also trigger migraine.

All of these migraine causes may not have triggered your migraines. Instead, there may be just one or two factors that contribute to your migraine headaches. The key is to identify the triggers that apply to you. The best way to do this is be keeping a journal and noting the date, time, and events surrounding your migraine headaches.

When you know what causes your migraines, you’ll be able to prevent a great deal of them by managing the triggers.

Migraine Causes Every Sufferer Should Know