Which Yoga Should You Do To Lose Weight?

Lose weight with yoga

Yoga has a reputation of being relaxing. It’s an escape that can help you increase your flexibility as you re-center your mind, body, and soul.

But, there are many different styles of yoga. While some will take you away to a rejuvenating paradise inside your mind, others can definitely help you work up a sweat and check “tough workout” off your to-do list.

“Active” yoga styles

The main types of “active” yoga styles are Ashtanga, Bikram, and Vinyasa. All three require more active moves and a quicker flow that will get your heart rate up and your blood pumping.

So, if you have weight loss in mind, any of these styles would be a perfect addition to your routine.

Yoga that builds strength and cardio

These styles will have you doing more difficult poses and moving more as you focus on both strength and cardio. Their mixture of strength and cardio can give you a complete workout, especially when paired with a relaxing yoga warmup and cool-down to get your muscles stretched out.

The differences between each of these yoga styles lies in their “flow” or the progression of movements throughout the routine.

An Ashtanga session, for instance, will usually feature primary, secondary, and advanced series of postures.

Meanwhile, a Vinyasa yoga session usually centers around one peak pose.

Any of these styles can be a good introduction into the world of yoga, so long as you join a class that matches your skill level.

Review the basics

Since these yoga styles are more active, it will do you well to review the basics before you dive into a session.

Ladies doing yoga

The transition between moves will need to be quick and smooth for you to get the most benefits, so knowing the moves of the class beforehand will really help.

If you’re nervous or unsure, look them up online, practice ahead of time, and never fear asking the yoga instructor for help.

Start at beginner level if you’re new to yoga

A beginner level class in any of these yoga styles will walk you through everything and keep the flow challenging but basic. You should be able to master it in a few weeks’ time and move on to a more advanced class for even more calorie burning potential!

Which Yoga Should You Do To Lose Weight?