How To Use Yoga To Improve Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain relief

Yoga is a great way to stretch out your body and increase your flexibility. It has many benefits, ranging from improving your muscle strength and tone to even helping you burn fat. Many turn to yoga when they want to improve their balance as well.

It has benefits for every person of every age and background. No matter your athletic ability or lifestyle, you can definitely find perks in the world of yoga. But, can yoga help with lower back pain?

Yoga can help to relief lower back pain

Among the many benefits of yoga, lower back pain is one of the primary reasons why people pick it up. With lower back pain being such a common issue around the world due to sedentary lifestyles and general poor posture, yoga has become a go-to solution.

In fact, certain yoga poses can not only help stretch out the lower back for relief but also help strengthen the entire abdomen and core to help promote better posture in every aspect of your life.

Yoga can help to prevent lower back pain

These things mean that yoga won’t just help you relieve yourself of any lower back pain you are experiencing, but it can also help prevent it in the future. Plus, a strong abdomen and the good posture that comes with it will also make a positive impact on many other areas of your life.

So, how do you use yoga to improve lower back pain?

The first step is identifying what poses would best benefit your lower back.

Woman doing yoga cow pose

Yoga poses that help with lower back pain

The extended child’s pose is definitely one of the best, following by the one-legged king pigeon, the cow pose, and the upward facing dog. The downward facing dog and the seated forward bend are also simple moves that can help you find relief from your lower back pain.

These poses will all stretch out your back, helping relieve tension. With repeat and consistent usage, you will be able to feel the progress as your muscles grow more relaxed.

Increased flexibility throughout your legs, back, shoulders, and arms will definitely help you in avoiding back pain in the future.

Pair these poses with ones that will boost your core strength and you will begin to notice major difference in how you hold your body and, therefore, how your body feels.

How To Use Yoga To Improve Lower Back Pain