Why Is Self-Awareness Key to Mental Well Being

Develop self awareness

There may be emotional issues that cause strife in your mental well-being. Most of this is related to events that are unresolved from your past. You may struggle with this because actively solving things might not be how you operate in life. So you end up just pushing aside any issues, thinking you’ll deal with it later. And you lack the self-awareness to be able to solve these issues.

You don’t want to face the issues

Confronting things that bother you may not be comfortable. And you may be afraid it will feel even more painful to look at something under a microscope. So you push it out of your mind instead.

You may fear that if you examine it closely, you might begin to cry and won’t be able to stop – you’ll fall apart. If you find that you’re uneasy confronting whatever is going on internally, then you should know that the problem will never be solved if you don’t push past that uneasiness.

Consequences of avoiding your issues

Avoiding something just keeps it swept under the rug, but it’ll always be there and can fester and bubble up to the surface at any time. When you become self-aware, you gain the insight to figure out what your emotions are doing and how they’re impacting your life.

For example, you’ll recognize that you’re angry and you’ll know why you’re feeling that anger. But in addition to that, you’ll be able to see clearly how the emotions that you have can hold you back.

Why self-awareness is important

Self-awareness gives you the means to uncover the emotions that are responsible for determining several things. For example, how you make decisions; how you don’t make a decision because you don’t want to deal with something; and also how that emotion might inadvertently be the symptom of a bigger issue.

It helps to uncover the real cause of the problem

Sometimes people seem to possess a certain personality trait, such as being considered an angry person. But they aren’t truly angry. Deep down, the root of that emotion could be because they’re grieving over the loss of something. It’s just covered in anger and manifesting in that type of emotion. Once you confront the emotions that you’re experiencing, you can get to the truth.

Lady practicing self-awareness

Another example is some people practice avoidance in a relationship. They don’t want to face the emotions that are going on, even though they’re causing them pain. Because they know if they do that, then action is going to be required and they don’t want to have to make a choice to leave or stay – so they put up with the emotional turmoil instead.

It affects your mental and physical well being

When you have unresolved emotions that impact your life, it can affect your mental well being. It can leave you agitated internally, even if you don’t always show that outwardly. This inner emotional turmoil can cause stress to build up and affect you physically.

The root of your emotions is never something easy to face. By becoming self-aware, you will reach the stage where you can know the truth about whatever is going on so you can fix your life and heal.

Why Is Self-Awareness Key to Mental Well Being