5 Parts of Your Immune System Working Together To Protect Your Body

Your immune system

It’s not easy to fully understand the various systems in your body. The process can be simplified if you reduce each of them into individual smaller components. Your immune system can be broken down into five main parts.

All of these parts work together to help your immune system keep you healthy and free of any serious illnesses.

White Blood Cells

The first part of your immune system to understand is your white blood cells. This is arguably one of the most important component of the system.

These cells are the troopers in your body. They respond directly to anything that is perceived as a threat to take it out and prevent it from doing any additional damage.

There are two main types of white blood cells. Each type has a different function when attacking foreign cells. One type will attach on to the opposing cell and attempt to weaken it. While the other will attack it directly in an attempt to kill it off.

The complement system

The part of your immune system that helps the white blood cells is the complement system. This system basically boosts the effectiveness of the white blood cells in a few different ways.

One thing it does is send out signals for the white blood cells to eat the offending microorganisms. The white blood cells will then take them out, clearing them out of the system. Additionally, it’s the system that causes inflammation, which weakens disease cells.

Finally, when it comes to bacterial threats, it can rupture the membrane protecting the bacteria cells. This will allow the white blood cells to easily attack them.

Red and white blood cells

Your lymphatic system

Your lymphatic system is a crucial part of your immune system. It is also a component of your circulatory system. Throughout the various blood vessels, the lymphatic system helps to transport certain things through the blood stream.

Of course, this is important for a variety of reasons. But when it comes to your immune system, this is essentially the highway which transports and directs the white blood cells through your blood stream to the infection site to do their job.

Bone marrow

Your bone marrow is a very important component of your body. It’s what produces the white blood cells that your body will use. It additionally creates red blood cells and platelets. This is what hardens and clots up to help stop bleeding and prevent further intrusion.

The spleen

Finally, there’s the spleen, which helps filter your blood. This removes any microorganisms found in your blood. It also helps your immune system by creating things like antibodies, which help in the fight against diseases.

5 Parts of Your Immune System Working Together To Protect Your Body