Arthritis And Joint Pain Relief With Natural Remedies

joint pain

Everything old may be new again, particularly in finding the effectiveness of herbal remedies for arthritis and joint pain. Whether your pain is from arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis or rheumatoid arthritis, herbal remedies may provide relief that is inexpensive and easier to tolerate than some prescription medications.

Camphor oil

Camphor oil has been used since ancient times to sooth aches, pains and injuries. You can mix camphor oil with oil of peppermint or coconut oil and warm it slightly before applying.

Apply it to the painful area in a gentle, circular motion and then cover it for twenty minutes with a soft cloth – flannel is a good choice. The smell is comforting to many people, too. Most any aromatic oil can be mixed with the camphor to suit your preference.

Epsom salts

Tired feet and painful ankles can find relief from soaking in hot water with Epsom salts. Make the water as hot as you can stand it and remove your feet when the water becomes room temperature.

You can enjoy the same all over relaxation by adding several tablespoons of Epson salts to your bathwater. Soaking in the tub is also a good way to get relief for knees and elbow joint pain.


Garlic is an effective anti-inflammatory agent. Even if you don’t like the strong taste of garlic in foods or if stomach problems prevent you from eating garlic, you can get a medicinal dose of garlic in capsule form.

Health food stores also carry some brands of garlic that are gentle for digestion as well as those that are low odor. Remember – if you decide to eat more garlic to reduce joint inflammation, carry breath mints so that you don’t reduce the time your friends want to spend around you!

Make your own ointments

You can also make your own ointments. Start by melting a small jar of petroleum jelly over low heat in a double boiler. Don’t microwave this. When the petroleum jelly is liquid, add herbs such as arnica, rosemary or St. Johns Wort and stir until it’s mixed.

Return the mixture to a glass jar and allow it to cool at room temperature. Once the herbal mixture is cool, you can apply it to the painful joint area.

Applying ointment to relief joint pain

Raw juices

Increasing your intake of fresh raw juices is good for everyone, but particularly so if you have any type of arthritis. Raw juice has higher levels of alkaline than what you can get from processed or bottled juices.

The alkaline content is useful for reducing deposits inside the joints that are responsible for pain and decreased functioning levels. Juicing your own fresh fruits and vegetables is time consuming and messy.

You have to buy a large quantity of produce to get a small pitcher of juice. And since the highest nutrient value is present immediately after squeezing, you have to do this daily. You’ll save time and frustration if you purchase a juicer.

Look carefully at the directions for use. You want to get a juicer that is easy to clean – otherwise, you’ll get tired of it and stop using it. So a cheap juicer is destined to become a dust catcher. For a little more money, you can get a juicer that works efficiently and fast.

Arthritis And Joint Pain Relief With Natural Remedies